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Break This Habit

Oliver Heldens feat. Kiki Bun

Lockdown theme 2020....

Suggested trail: 

Walk from the kitchen to the lounge

The Weekend

Blinding Lights

This'll have you bouncing along the Annapurna Circuit quicker than a Nepalese Sherper, an incredible track from The Weekend!


Suggested Trail:

Annapurna Circuit  

Christine and the Queens

La Marcheuse

I first heard of Christine and the Queens in 2016 before she quickly took over the world. Between La Marcheuse, Tilted, Doesn't Matter and many others, she's an incredible singer, song writer, dancer and all round entertainer. Check out her Glastonbury 2019 set!  


Suggested trail:

Well, she's from Nantes, so why not save it for a walk through the Loire Valley in France...

Maitre Gims

Miami Vice

Encore une fois, je creuse l'écart!


Undoubtedly one of the best tracks from the Congolese artist Maitre Gims, this was the soundtrack to a recent drive from Toulouse to the base of the French Pyrenees. GIMS has collaborated with Sia and Sting, among others, and easily joins our growing list of songs with 'Miami Vice'. A bientot!     

Suggested trail:

Drive from Toulouse to the Pyrenees Mountains...


Burning Man 2018

Looping music isn't new of course - Beardyman is still probably one of the best and most original artists out there - but Monolink caught my attention earlier this year and what a talent! Here he performs a fantastic set that's clearly appreciated by the Burning Man crowd. The first 20mins is the best IMO - look out for the guitar riff.... 


Suggested trail:

Arches National Park 

The Grand Sound

Best Deep House Mix 2018

An online community promoting best in class deep and progressive house, The Grand Sound has been a staple of my working life since Summer 2018. This mix punctuates a sublimely knitted-together playlist of bassy electro. Turn your headphones up and enjoy!

Suggested trail:

Highway 1 baby! Pacific Coast from LA to San Francisco

Chris Stapleton


Road-trippin the US countryside? Look no further than Chris Stapleton to carry you along the open road. Belting out Parachute from the acclaimed 2015 album, Traveller, he'll have you singing along like a young Dolly Parton in no time. Enjoy ya'll!  


Suggested trail:

Appalachian Trail (at least 5mins of it anyway!)  

Rage Against The Machine

Killing In The Name

So, Rage might not be everyone's first choice for hiking through a picturesque landscape.... For me though, it's got the perfect marching beat for a long haul, challenging hike and really gets the juices going. Slamming vocals with a deep funk base will have you attacking that steep section like a boss. BRING IT!

Suggested trail:

Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA (save for the final ascent). 

Jan Hammer

Crockett's Theme

The first time I heard this was on holiday in Australia in 99 and it blew me away - Jan Hammer's classic Crockett's Theme. People will know it from Miami Vice and (for my generation) GTA Vice City - but regardless of the backdrop it was way ahead of it's time and still stirs the soul today.   

Using a Fairlight CMI 30 digital synthesizer, sampler and audio workstation, he produces an unforgettable song, perfect for epic landscapes and views. 

Suggested trail:

Abel Tasman National Park coastal walks. Sub-tropical forests, secluded coves and beaches - doesn't get much prettier than that.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Give It Away

If you struggle to shuffle with a purpose to this classic Chilli Peppers beat then something's going wrong! Rolling lyrics and bass make it impossible not to shake a trekking pole at and before you know it, everyone in the group will be shaking theirs with you (their poles that is).  

Suggested trail:

Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, USA. Save some energy for the return as this one starts downhill!

Brian Eno

Deep Blue Day

I'm trying to think of a way of explaining this song and doing it justice... I know - if I were to make a film about the best day of my life, this would be the soundtrack to it. It's pure bliss and made especially for those wondering, care-free moments in amongst the vistas, beaches and landscapes of some distant paradise.

Drink in those views and give someone a hug.

Suggested trail:

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal. The scale, the light, the people - need I say any more?

Shawn Anthony

Beautiful Life

Again, this is maybe not the first port of call for your average nature lover, but for me Shawn Anthony smashes 'Beautiful Life' out of the park. A perfectly paced trekking beat with an unbelievable rolling instrumental and YES it did feature in Entourage Season 5 Episode 10. Lllloyyyyyd!!!

Suggested trail:

Half Dome (lower levels), Yosemite National Park , USA. 

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