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3 waterfalls not to be missed while island hopping in Thailand

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Find your inner Lara Croft by taking a dip in one of these stunning tropical cascades!

The view from Klong Plu Waterfall on Koh Chang Island

At the end of this article you should takeaway:

1. Three amazing waterfalls to visit across Koh Chang and Koh Kut

2. Ideas for additional activities and entertainment while island hopping

Excitement every day:

You know why I love adventure travel? It's the sensory overload that you get when taking in something for the first time, when doing something completely different and knowing that you are a little more full of life and positive energy than the day before.

Visiting three waterfalls (Tham Mayon, Klong Plu and Klong Chao) epitomized that sense of intrepid adventure; simply hiring a scooter, marking a point on a map, packing a lunch and exploring. All are easily accessible and worth a visit, but as always, I would recommend going with a buddy.

Than Mayom waterfall is on the Eastern side of Koh Chang island. Less busy than Klong Plu and not as tall, this waterfall is about a 20-30 minute trek into the jungle and has more accessible tiers to climb and explore. Careful climbing over the different levels and always check the depth of the plunge pool before jumping in.

Klong Plu Waterfall, Koh Chang. It maybe the busiest, but it’s perhaps also the most picturesque…

Klong Plu waterfall was the busiest due to its location near the main tourist spot, but it's a fantastic place to visit nonetheless. Surrounded by jungle, the sound of cascading water is later drowned out by the millions of cicadas at twilight.

There is a large clear plunge pool that’s deep enough to dive into and there are plenty of areas to relax and people-watch. A strange but exciting sensation in the plunge-pool as you quickly become surrounded by hundreds of fish, the tiniest of which will harmlessly chow-down on any dead skin you have (trust me you do somewhere).

Klong Chao Waterfall, Koh Kut.

The least touristy of the three due to being on the most distant island.

Although less busy than its counterparts, Klong Chao waterfall is actually quite well known among the Thai community due to his majesty King Rama VI visiting in 1911. It’s easily accessible in the center of the island and is just a ten minute walk from the parking area. Just as all of the waterfalls, it’s free to visit! It flows all year round, although isn’t always accessible by kayak, so better to hire a scooter.

With two ancient ‘makka’ trees, secluded beaches and a calmer vibe than it’s neighbors, Koh Kut is certainly worth considering. Visiting in November, I was astounded at how quiet the islands were. Perhaps this changes closer to Christmas with the holidays, but often on Koh Kut we would have the beach to ourselves.

Have fun exploring!

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