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How many Gimlis can you fit into an Osprey travel bag?

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

I wanted to mingle-in with the intrepid Kiwis and not look like a plonker. I think Gimli felt the same way next to Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf...

Gimli, played by John Rhys-Davies

At the end of this article you should takeaway:

1. A little about one of my favorite places - New Zealand

2. Recommendation of the Osprey Sojourn 80l

Intrepid New Zealand

Flying to New Zealand got me thinking about one of the most acclaimed fantasy adventure movie sagas of all time, The Lord of The Rings.

The action, the characters, the journey - everything about it was epic for it's time and I was sold. Magic, Elvish (I still think it's Welsh) and Hobbiton to one side though, it basically tells the story about a group of mates trekking across beautiful landscapes and battling every element you can think of to achieve a collective goal. Someone please tell me that this is any different to trekking?!

As the final leg in a five month tour through South East Asia and beyond, I wanted to feel prepared and relaxed getting into NZ - to mingle-in with the intrepid Kiwis and not look like a plonker. I think Gimli felt the same way next to Aragorn, Legolas and Gandalf.

Undoubtedly though, if there is one bit of equipment that would have helped Gimli and the Fellowship reach Mordor more efficiently it's the Osprey Sojourn 80L luggage case - possibly the best trekking gear investment I've made.

Tools of the trade - Osprey Sojourn 80l

A hybrid between sturdy luggage case and large back-pack, the Osprey 80L comes with a 'High Road' Chassis system - basically a solid set of wheels - a deployable harness, hip belt and back panel, allowing you ease of travel through transit zones and developed areas, while switching to a comfortable backpack mode if necessary.

Everything about the case oozes quality and thought, from the large handle integrated into the case's frame, to the compression straps and foam 'StraightJacket' sidewalls that efficiently pack and protect your belongings.

The packing space is enormous and there are no less than five zip pockets of varying sizes to organize your possessions. The zips alone speak volumes about the build quality and attention to detail of the product. You would hope so too for the price, but for a product that's this versatile, practical and durable (it will last much longer than your run of-the-mill alternatives), I feel the cost is justified.

Besides, who can argue with a case that comes in Flash Black, Hoodoo Red or Nitro Green. With a pair of shades and a down jacket you're gonna look like Gandalf after a trip to the barbers.


So how many Gimlis can you fit in an Osprey travel bag? At least twelve plus two orks, a hobbit and Saruman's staff...

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