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Not another bloody travel blogger...

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Here we go again - another blogger preaching to you about the top 5 places not to be missed this side of Rajasthan right? Nope...

Adventure 176, providing information and inspiration from the world of adventure travel

At the end of this article you should takeaway:

1. How adventure travel can offer long term benefits

2. What we hope to achieve through Adventure 176

Welcome, Bienvenidos, 欢迎, Bienvenue, Willkommen,

Hi there and thank you for visiting Adventure 176!

My hunger for adventure travel started in 2008 with a 6 week Trek America roadtrip across the US Mid-West that comprised multiple national park hikes, rides and experiences.

The trip had a huge impact on my approach to life, supporting an outgoing, positive mindset, always ready to take on a new challenge. It's my view that trips like this, when used as constructive escapism, can support you in your personal and professional development.

Aside from that, you only live once and there are a million and one options out there, many of them cost effective, for seeing and experiencing the world.

Over time the site aims to:

1. Provide suggestions on equipment, adventure travel companies and experiences.

Adventure 176 is a resource for outdoor adventure seekers to absorb useful information and inspiration.

2. Raise awareness of the mental and physical benefits attributed to adventure travel.

At the very minimum, adventure travel can help you to refresh, learn, recharge and grow. At the upper end of the scale it can dramatically help you to overcome personal and professional challenges.

3. Support good causes through adventure activities.

Adventure 176 will be undertaking physical challenges to raise money for the Cambodian Children's Fund. Adventure travel has certainly made me more compassionate over the years and I hope to give back to many of the countries that I have visited.

For any questions please contact

Enjoy your travels!

Gary Rosewell

Founder, Adventure 176


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