Volador underwater torch (rechargeable)

June 12, 2019


I spent quite a bit of time reviewing torches due to the many points of difference vs masks, for example. Power output, strap, settings, depth and price - all variants to consider. With 2,000 lumens, a simple button mechanism and rechargeable, the Volador flashlight was a no-brainer at this price-point. 

TUSA Ceos dive mask

June 12, 2019


[Includes lenses and delivery]


Having worn glasses from the age of 4, seeing things clearly has always been a priority. No different with dive masks. Luckily, Simply Scuba offer a brilliant end-to-end service including appropriate lens fitting and pre-purchase consultancy. A little on the pricey side perhaps, but worth it for all that wildlife you're gonna be snapping!

Lenovo Yoga 520 Laptop / Tablet

October 30, 2018


Looking for an excellent quality product packed full of features, functionality and value? Check out the 14" Yoga 520 from Lenovo, breaking waves in the dual laptop / tablet category. With 10hrs of battery life, fingerprint security, HD display and Harman speakers, as well as a 360 degree hinge, the Yoga is beyond user friendly and will have you blogging, snapping and editing in between hikes or while travelling.  

Teenage Engineering 'Pocket Operator' Mini Synth

May 09, 2018


Most of the items here will of course be focused on supporting your hiking performance, but a big part of trekking life is what to do during down-time in the evenings.

Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator (PO) series of mini synthesizers place a whole world of creative possibilities in the palm of your hand. About the size of a calculator, each unit in the series (I purchased the PO-12 for £49) offers a plethora of programmable taps, beats, rifts and rhythms to keep you entertained long into the night.


It looks complicated at first but don't let that hold you back - once you play around with the controls you'll be stringing together a 16 stage sequence as DJ Himalaya in no time. Once you're back home, combine with a full size synth and a laptop to orchestrate a mountain inspired mix. 

Jack Wolfskin 'Helium' Down Jacket

May 09, 2018


Light, warm, waterproof and comfortable, this jacket is fantastic as a medium thickness solution for budding colder climate trekkers. At 700 FP (Fill Power) and with 90% duck down to 10% feather, the jacket is at the higher end of the product spectrum, offering an excellent warmth to weight ratio.

The Helium has now been discontinued from Jack Wolfskin directly (I purchased mine in 2016) but is available from some online retailers. Jack Wolfskin do produce a range of newer versions, however, that have no doubt built on the performance of this variation.   

Breathe Right Nasal Strips

May 09, 2018


First introduced to these as a remedy for sleep apnea, I've grown to use them for long treks due to their effectiveness for getting more oxygen into your lungs.


Particularly at 5,000+ meters where oxygen is 50% less than at sea level, these little fellas are indispensable. As a bonus, you can stick them to your partners' arse when you're finished...

Various deals are available online but drop by Breath Right's website first for some background information. 

Osprey Sojourn 80l Travel Bag

May 09, 2018


 The OS 80 was an integral travel companion while spending 5 months on the move throughout South-East Asia. The build quality is excellent and all aspects have been well thought out - from the 'StraightJacket' protective sidewalls, to the sturdy wheel base, comfortable back harness system, handle and convenient zip locations.

The key selling point of course is that it is a hybrid, allowing for efficient wheeled transportation through airports and transit zones as well as off road areas accessible only with a back-pack. Spacious, practical and stylish, I would recommend this to any adventure traveller. Definitely worth the money.      

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