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Whether it's for the people you meet or for the sense of escapism, perhaps for the personal freedom, curiosity or simple need for a break; if managed correctly - travel has a profound capacity for positive change. It can instil new values, bring out new skills, qualities and perspectives, re-calibrate the mind and regenerate the body. 

I have been fortunate to travel extensively over the last fifteen years and firmly believe that adventure travel in particular, or active escapism as I've come to call it, is an important tool for personal growth and development. 

That's not to say I'm against a traditional holiday at all, sometimes we really do just need to just chill on a beach with a beer! I'm suggesting that seeing travel with a different lens has the capacity to unlock your full potential.


Just because we can't go out in 2020 doesn't mean we can't plan for 2021! 


10 years experience as an integrated marketing professional in global sports business, complemented with a passion for travel.


Either through completing physical challenges for sponsorship e.g. The National Three Peaks, voluntary or paid fundraising support. 



Slowly but surely upping my game with wildlife and nature photography using a Canon EOS R5. Post production experience with Adobe Photoshop.  


PADI Divemaster, qualified in Utila, Honduras 2019. Most recently dived with Cenote Diving (caverns), Tulum, Mexico. Also dived in Thailand, Australia, Italy and the UK.  


Gary Rosewell 

Founder, Adventure 176


Whether getting to grips with a new language, custom, food, festival or transport system, I love exploring new places / countries and the people that make them so special. Maybe I watched too many Michael Palin documentaries as a kid. Maybe it's my dad's engineering mind applied to culture . Whatever the reason, curiosity and learning are in my nature and I firmly believe that we can all live a better life if we take the time to appreciate the world more and share those experiences.

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